Do and Don’t

When you are here in Thailand , it ‘svery important to know what they please or not .here is their general custom !

1. Buddha images and Buddhist subjects are hold very holy, secret, so must pay the highest respect .
2. the king, queen and royal family are hold the highest and noblest person.
3. A smile is vey important here ! because it’s lots of meaningful.( friendship,kindness,happiness,forgiveness, welcome ,hello and thanks ) so don’t forget your lovely smile !!!!
4. feel free to bargain here ! it’s very exciting and likes Arts if the prices are not marked or unfair. Number 9 is a lucky one .100 you may bargain 99 sure you get that thing, or 89 ,79 ,69 ,( not lower than Half )
5. feet on table or use to point things out ortouch people are very very rude .
6. sitting , standing on pillow are impolite.
7. when you need to pass someone ,ask him/her to move first. Don’t step over .
8. pass people during ceremony bent down .
9. don’t touch the head, if you are not closed friend , it is the highest part of their body.
10. kissing or show over-love in sexual way
are prohibited .
11. refuse what they offer you is considered
impolite,should receive or test little bid.
12. should not wear skirts ,shorts or clime up to the Chediiwhen you are in the temple.
13. shoes off before entering to the holy buildings or the houses
14. women cannot touch , give or receive things direct to / from monks.
15. before taking a photo , ask them first