The general opinion of Thai ways.

Most of Thai people are Buddhists , in former days,when Thai men were young. They served as a temple boys in the monasteries and were given instruction in reading ,writing and simple Arithmetic as well as in religion and morals, through traditional ordinations which are still observed today.

That’s why They are very kind, sensitive and friendly to everyone and they are easy going people, foreigners sometimes misunderstand in some case of their way ,for example they really like to say yet but they have to say No ! in other hand they would like to say No but have to say yes ! if they know the answers may hurt you ! and they know and concern as well you must be confused by that act, but any way itdoesn’t mean they lie or untrust:Mind to mind is the best way to contact here. Sometimes No meansYes! you can tell from the eyes or acts in other way yes may means No ! anyway you may understand or not , they always forgive and say “ Mai pen rai“ means never mind! so not too much worry , please feel free to be here and enjoy your holidays !