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Super blue blood full moon Eclipse+ Doi Suthep temple and monk chanting
Super blue blood full moon Eclipse ! + Monk chanting + Doi Suthep temple and Chaing mai city views.

The biggest full moon Eclipse  in Chiang Mai Thailand on the 31 st  . We will take you to Doi Suthep temple to interact   monk Chanting. Before we get there  we drip by the hidden temple. And then continue to the  top of mountains to visit the famous Golden Pagoda in Chiang Mai.

On this  date, (  31 st  of Jan. 2018 ) are very special for the clients who would like to have a great memory holiday for Doi Suthep visiting. Because we can enjoy  twilight temple and see the views of Chiang Mai city (  both  day and night time + Super  full moon eclipse  profit. )

The monk chanting will fulfil your heart and both super full moon and Chiang Mai city views win your heart for  your  great  visiting  Chiang Mai..
(Only  today we can do this trip. ( On the 31 st of Jan. 2028  only. )

* You will enjoy the trip  and have  a great experiences...  Garrantee.. !!

Price. 1,600 Baht / each Person

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